“Experience the newest trend in game-style combat archery and feel the adrenaline as you shoot your friends, family and co-workers with a bow!"

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We provide a fun interactive sport in a safe environment that promotes a healthy active lifestyle as you embrace your inner warrior. Combat Archery is all you hoped it would be!


Games take place over an hour with a thirty-minute pre-game talk, equipment hand-out, and practice at the range. Each session will allow for 6-12 players. Larger groups will be organized where requested.

Different game styles

The range of games caters to anything between beginner and pro level. With fast-paced, teambuilding, and free-style gameplay everyone will have a great time! We offer the perfect corporate & team building events, bachelors, and parties.

Safety First!

Our custom made foam-tipped safety arrows makes taking a direct hit by an arrow far less painful than you would expect. Safety is always our priority and protective gear is given before games.


Covered seating areas, safe parking, ablutions as well as a conference center will cater to every event. We provide beverages and snacks for sale as well as pre-booked lunches. If you would like to bring your own that’s chilled too!

Everyone’s here for the fun. For those who want an exciting way to pick up archery to the guys who want an alternative to paintball.

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How it works

Players compete in teams to complete challenges in various game types.

Who can play?

Ages 13 and up are welcome. Games are chosen for age, skill, and ability which makes it fun for everyone.

How much does it cost?

A fee of R350 per person covers you for the sessions, practice at the range beforehand as well as renting equipment (bows, arrows and protective gear). We offer discounts for groups of 10 players and larger.

How do I make a booking?

Please contact us by sending a mail to bookings@eastarchers.co.za or call 079 511 1802 to make a reservation.

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