Does it hurt?

Getting a foam arrow shot at you is probably less painful that you imagine. While some close shots can hurt a little it is more alike being hit by someone throwing a tennis ball at you. We only use low draw weight bows and of course the safest arrows. Why leave bruised when you can smile at your opponent after them making a good shot on you rather than hating them, right?

Can anyone play?

Absolutely anyone that is able to pull a bow back will enjoy their time! We offer a short training session where our marshals will teach beginners how to hold the bow and take shots at a target. We have a target range alongside the range to take a few shots before your session starts.

How long does it last?

We typically host hour long sessions that start on the hour every hour. We require players to arrive 30 minutes prior to the booked time. This time will be used for training, gear fitting and a safety briefing.

How do the games work?

The games are structured around the group. We cater for a wide age group and ability. Our games are centered around challenges where players need to work together as a team to succeed at challenges. More information on some of our popular games can be found HERE.


For more information please contact us.