Different games

Get ready for the best archery games you will find in South Africa! We offer a variety of games suited for anyone who has never picked up a bow to pro archers. The styles of play feature:

  • Fast-paced for those accustomed to ‘combat’ sports like paintball and are looking for the adrenaline rush.
  • Team-building for businesses/corporate events that require teamwork and strategy to win.
  • Free-style for those who want less rules and more room for just plain fun.

Two games can be played per session. Games restart after one team wins, until the timer runs out. Have a look below to find the best games for you!

Capture the flag

Classic capture the flag. Each team must protect their flags while trying to capture the opposing team’s.

Tower stack

Each team must build a tower of five blocks. If a block is knocked off it must be taken back to the starting point.


Each team must knock out their targets in the center of the field. There is a no-go area in the middle of the field and no crossing is allowed.

Hunger games

Free for all, fast paced knock-out game. Players start in the middle with bows and arrows placed on the edge of the arena.


Two teams start at opposite ends of the field. The objective is to shoot opposite team members. Once shot, the player moves back to his starting point so as to restart the game. The team with the most hits on opposing players wins.


Two teams start at opposite ends of the field. Each team chooses a Commander and the rest of the team are his bodyguards. The first team to shoot the opposing Commander wins.

Game Styles East Archers

Perfect for a chilled way to spend a few hours or your special event. We will make sure you will have a blast on your birthday, corporate event or bachelors!

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