About our story

In a distant region with a shortage of modern arms and machinery, civilization reverted back to the bow and arrow as the chosen weapon of combat. Rival groups exercise their archery skills, strategy and teamwork to survive and become victors. Factions compete outside the fenced borders known as the East Archers.

East Archers was founded for fun. We’re all about the experience and to us that means feeling the adrenaline, making sure that your first outing to us will be the first of many! If you are just beginning, this is a great opportunity to pick up a bow and experience archery. We provide the training to get you going. For the pro archers you will be put through your paces as you fight for taking bragging rights as you put your aim on fellow archers!

About East Archers

Everyone’s here for the fun. For those who want an exciting way to pick up archery to the guys who want an alternative to paintball.

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